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How to become a partner of Diagonal Mar

Thousands of Russians being potential clients are seeking best offers in real estate sales and rent, mortgage loans, investment programmes and services related to real estate construction projects, repairs and maintenance, as well as health, recreation and entertainment services. You’ve got something to offer Russian clients, but you have no marketing solution? Language barrier and mentality difference are no longer a reason to forgo a huge target audience which currently takes such an active part in Spanish real estate market recovery and restoring the economy of Spain in general. Our company will make all the information about your company, services and products available to thousands of Russian clients residing in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Spain itself. This will open new possibilities and bright prospects to your company.

Advantages of working with Russian clients:

  • As of the year end of 2013 Russians have made more deals with Spanish real estate than Britons.
  • Russian people buy several thousands of real estate items in Spain each year. Thus, this amount exceeded 6,500 items in 2012.
  • Russian buyers are financially sound. Most often they pay for real estate at once without using mortgage and other loans.
  • Russian expatriate community in Spain surpassed 250,000 persons in 2013.
  • Statistics show that the real estate in Spain is being bought by wealthy Russians who haven’t got used to cutting down expenses and denying themselves something pleasant like recreation, shopping, entertainments and expensive gifts.

Tens of real estate developers, banks and agencies in Spain have already valued all the advantages of working with Russian clients. Give us a call and we will select really profitable and special terms and conditions of collaboration for you!



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